Most business owners go into business because they have a great idea or a skill that they can build something with and sell. Most business owners are not experts in hiring, training, managing, coaching or firing. Human resources skills are not all that exciting to the average business owner.

Running a small-medium sized business can be challenging at the best of times and there are so many things to remember to do, especially when it comes to managing your human resources.

Caerus HR Consulting can work with you to ensure your business plan has a strong operational strategy in place. We’ll make sure you’ve thought through your staffing needs, and you have the right people in place to achieve your goals. As your business thrives, we’ll be there to ensure you are complying with any human resources laws and support your team as it grows.

We help small businesses to scale up, develop and succeed with best practices in human resources.

We help you develop a human resources strategy by:

  • Reconciling the goals of your business with how to achieve them operationally.
  • Evaluating whether your team has the skills and capacity to deliver on your business goals.
  • Evaluating management cycles and develop ways to improve performance.
  • Looking at all the gaps and put in place a plan on how to fill them.

We help you comply with human resources policies and law by:

  • Performing an HR Health Check: We’ll review your current human resources policies and procedures to ensure they are in compliance with regulation, as well as supporting your employees and business in the best possible ways.
  • Undertaking the HR Audit: We’ll verify legal compliance by reviewing all employment and subcontractor contracts.

We help you get the right person into the right job by:

  • Helping you hire right by developing clear job descriptions, employment agreements, and compensation models.
  • Screening applicants and develop an assessment model to hire based on competence.
  • Helping you prepare orientation packages and assist in onboarding your new hire.

We help you solve workplace performance issues by:

  • Helping you analyze the issues, identify the problem, and define a solution that is fair, achievable, sustainable, and timely (FAST).
  • Providing guidance on giving news to an employee when the only solution is a lay off or firing.
  • Assisting with drafting severance packages and ensure the legal review of documents is complete.

We help you build a stronger team by:

  • Working with you to identify the ideal time and method to undertake team building, as well as identify any problem areas—and solutions—to focus on.
  • Facilitating strategic planning retreats, team meetings, or professional development days and integrate custom relationship building and communications training throughout.
  • Implementing assessment tools (Myers Briggs, Birkman Method, Pro.file, Thomas Kilman) and share the analysis with your team members.

We help you be a better manager by:

  • Working with you to develop a personalized leadership coaching plan.
  • Creating a performance management process that works for you and can be implemented by staff.

Whether or not you have an immediate HR concern or need or you are looking for more of an ongoing professional HR presence, Caerus HR Consulting is focused on you. Contact us today

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