Annual HR Checklist for the Small-Medium Sized Business Owner

Running a small-medium sized business can be challenging at the best of times and there are so many things to remember to do, especially when it comes to managing your human resources.

Caerus HR Consulting has created a checklist of things for you to do on an annual basis.

  1. Check that the appropriate amount of premiums/contributions are being deducted for:
    • Employment Insurance
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Canada Pension Plan
    • Annual Health Premium, if applicable
  2. Employer Health Tax is paid
  3. Appropriate minimum wage is paid; check for increases
  4. Minimum call-in pay is paid
  5. Standard Hours of Work permitted is followed
  6. Overtime hours are tracked and paid appropriately (typically anything over 44 hours—check ESA requirements)
  7. Pay days are established appropriately, including payment of termination pay and vacation pay
  8. Vacation pay meets the appropriate % of annual earnings or length of annual vacation
  9. Notice of Termination by Employer is understood and followed
  10. Up-to-date on the leaves that are available to employees for your size of organization, if appropriate
  11. Identify dates of Statutory Holidays and Civic Day, if appropriate
  12. Required rest periods are provided
  13. Minimum age to work is obeyed
  14. Appropriate employee information is recorded and retained for appropriate length of time (privacy protected)
  15. Prohibited grounds of discrimination are understood and adhered to
  16. HR policies and procedures are reviewed and employees acknowledge by signature that they have read, understand and will comply with the policies (Workplace Violence and Harassment requires its own signature.)
  17. Training is scheduled for legislated items, such as Workplace Violence and Harassment, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, WHMIS, etc.
  18. Health and Safety Representative or Joint Health and Safety Committee conducts regular site inspections as required (monthly for Occupational Health and Safety and annually for Workplace Violence and Harassment Program)
  19. Code of Conduct is reviewed and updated

Caerus HR Consulting provides HR consulting services to small and medium-sized businesses. For more information on creating an HR strategy through organizational culture and leadership, contact Ramona Packham, Owner & HR Business Partner, at 613-220-9005 or at for more information. People Business for Business People.

Caerus HR Consulting Inc.

Ramona Packham CHRL, MBA