Your HR policies and procedures set your standard for how you manage your team and these can easily go off track either through a lack of time or because there have been legislative changes that you aren’t aware of.

We will conduct a full HR Audit to get you compliant and to keep you there by reviewing your HR policies, processes and files. We will come up with an action plan to help get you and keep you protected.

Is Caerus’s HR Heath Check the right choice for you?

  1. You have concerns that if the Ministry of Labour stops in for a visit that you won’t get a passing grade.
  2. You have a nagging feeling that you might be missing something and perhaps having an HR expert take a look at your processes and policies will put you at ease.
  3. Your company has grown and you are following the same systems you did when you were much smaller and you’re not sure you are still compliant.

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