A specific HR project that is outsourced to Caerus HR – conducting an HR Audit to make sure you are compliant; creating or updating your Employee Handbook; building or reviewing your performance management program or compensation program. We will meet with you to gather information about your needs, review your current status and build and deliver a custom project that meets your needs.

Is Caerus’s HR Projects the right choice for you?

  1. You have a pressing issue that needs to be dealt with and you are unsure of what to do.
  2. You want to align and review the performance of your team to your corporate objectives. You like to review individual team member performance and set individual performance goals.
  3. You struggle to implement and maintain a compensation strategy that is consistent, fair and targeted.
  4. You have had staff turnover and would like to review and structure your hiring practices, job descriptions or training programs moving forward.

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