A dedicated, professional HR resource located at your site on a regular basis. You will work with the same consultant at a consistent time and day of the week providing HR management continuity, routine and structure to your HR systems, processes and projects.

We become a member of your team supporting your goals, your managers, your people. Comprehensive HR services delivered consistently week after week, month over month. This can be a half a day every two weeks, a half a day week, a day a week, two days per week, whatever meets your needs.

Is Caerus’s On-Site HR the right choice for you?

  1. Do you have new managers that are learning how to deal with employee issues and are unsure what to do?
  2. Are your HR related concerns within your business growing at the same rate as your business, but you don’t require a full-time, or even traditional part-time HR person on your payroll?
  3. Do you find yourself spending more and more time with individual employees, answering the questions, supporting their needs and managing HR responsibilities and this is all time away from your core responsibilities?

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